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Summer Training Program
CRVBC is investigating the possibility of starting a high level training/workout program in association with Kyle Brown Performance. With the slowdown associated with the current 'Social Distancing' we feel it would be extremely advantageous for all of our players to have the opportunity to get prepared for their next/upcoming season. To start the process we need to get some feedback to determine how many players would be interested in participating in such a program. It would be 2-3 days per week and 1 hour each day. These would be on-line 'Live' training sessions. These would be group sessions over a Zoom connection led by an experienced and certified trainer. With 'Live' sessions you and your trainer can talk about the workouts, your needs, your form during the workouts, and your results. We are investigating the cost at the present time. The cost will depend on the number of players that take advantage of this opportunity. At first blush it is looking as though the cost would be $50/player per month, or possibly even less. Programs will be tailored toward volleyball players and their unique needs to play the game.
We cannot stress strongly enough how fortunate we are to have such a national level training expert right here in Concord who has trained some of the best athletes in America, and is a Olympic athlete himself.
In conjunction with the workouts and instructions helping you with the recovery phase of your training the KBP program also includes top level nutritionists to help round out your overall health, wellness, and energy.
We see this as an fantastic opportunity to keep our athletes ready to hit the ground running (and jumping) when they can return to the court.


Refunds due to COVID-19 cancellations

Refunds have been issued either via PayPal (refund to your credit card), or via a hand written check (for those that we could not refund via PayPal).

With the COVID-19 virus shutting down the final 4 tournaments and 3 practices (2 for In-House and Training Academy) we have been looking into refunding a portion of the Membership Fees that our players paid for the season. After a lot of Excel worksheet manipulation we have arrived at the refund amounts:

Team Type Refund Amount (per player)
Open Teams $175
Club Teams $85
Shuttle $50
In-House $40
Training Academy $40

Although a couple of months has been missed the calculations are based off the following data: The season is front-end loaded with the majority of the costs: Gym rentals for practices, SpikeFest (including coach reimbursements for hotels), Boston (including coach reimbursements for hotels), Uniforms, coaches' stipends. There were only 3 practices remaining, and the 4 NERVA series tournaments for Club teams are reciprocal, so they don't cost as much as the other 'Stay-to-Play' tournaments (i.e. SpikeFest). For reciprocal tournaments for club teams we only need to pay for a single gym for the day; we don't need to pay for a gym for all of our Club teams (again leading to front-end loading).

We have issued refunds via PayPal where we could (these refunds should appear on you credit card). For those where we could not issue refunds via PayPal we will be sending checks by mail this week.

We hope everyone is staying healthy, getting some exercise and getting outside to get fresh air.

Remember to check out our Facebook page. Coach Renee has posted some exercise routines you can do at home.
Also, we are working with KBP (Kyle Brown Performance) to allow an inexpensive way to stay in shape over the summer via online training for our club members. An email will be sent our with a survey and details.

Gold Medal Squared has been making many videos available for free. It is a great place to keep learning the game.

Practices and Tournaments Cancelled

Please refer to the following web pages to get the current positions on the COVID-19 situation:

USA Volleyball's COVID-19 page:
NERVA's COVID-19 page:

Banner Day for the Birds of Prey!

NERVA 1 results are in...

The Ospreys,  Owls,  Screech Owls and Blackhawks made it to the finals.  Screech Owls won silver in a close one:26‐28,  Ospreys,  Owls and Blackhawks Won Gold!

The Eagles, Hawks and Falcons crushed the Consolation Bracket!

Refereeing Instruction
Refereeing Instruction

For all CRVBC tournament team members:
PLEASE make sure to take the following refereeing instructional courses online:

Talk with you coach to ensure your team will be well informed about all work-team jobs that will need to be done while your team is playing at a tournament. Not everyone must take all courses, but at least two people on each team should be well versed in how to do each of the following jobs: Scorekeeper, Libero Tracker, R1 (referee on the stand), R2 (referee on the floor), and Line Judge.



Due to a law passed by the US Congress, any player that is, or turns, chronologically 18 years old must have taken the SafeSport course to play in a Tournament once they are 18 years old. Therefore, if you are 18 now, your must take SafeSport to play in a Tournament. If you turn 18 prior to a Tournament, then you must take SafeSport prior to the Tournament to be able to play in the Tournament. You only need to take SafeSport once this season.

Please check with your coach to make sure this requirement is met.

SafeSport for all 18's Players
SafeSport for all 18

By US Congressional mandate and trickling down through the USOC, USAV, and NERVA all players that will be 18 years old at any point during the JO Season will be required to take the SafeSport online course. If you are not yet 18 years old, then you will need to complete the parental consent form before registering. Click on this link to find out more about SafeSport:

How To Register for Training 

Parental consent is required for minor athletes to register for SafeSport training. Complete the parental consent form before registering.

  1. Go to
  2. Log in to your USAV account
  3. In the navigation menu, click on USAV Clinics and select USAV Coaching Clinics
  4. Select "Core Center for SafeSport Training"
  5. Complete registration
  6. To access coursework, click on the "Log into USAV Academy" button

Should you need to return to your coursework at a later time, log in to your USAV account and click on the "Log into USAV Academy" button.

For technical issues, while completing the course, please visit:

Inclement Weather Policy

In the case of inclement weather, the decision as to whether your team will have practice is made by your coach and also by you.  When in doubt contact your coach.

In the case of a big weather event, CRVBC as a Club may make the decision. Please check our home page for such possible situations.

Please remember that even if your team has decided to practice, the final decision is up to you.
Stay safe.


How to pay your Season Fees

Team fees are due by the 1st day of practices.

To pay them:

1) Login to your CRVBC Account.
2) Visit the 'CRVBC Registration' page.
3) If you have not signed the 'Commitment Letter', then click on the 'Commitment Letter' link and do so now. And, then refresh the web page.
4) Click on the 'Pay...' button. This will take you to PayPal where you can pay the fees.

Thank you!

Practice times and locations

Practice times and locations are listing on the Teams | Girls page.

HCC stands for:
Health Club of Concord
10 Garvins Falls Road
Concord, NH 03301

CCA stands for:
Concord Christian Academy
37 Regional Drive
Concord, NH

YMCA stands for:
Concord YMCA
15 North State Street
Concord, NH

We could use some help

There is a common theme that underscores this time of the year for the Capital Region Volleyball Club and other volleyball clubs. After tryouts we hear via emails, texts, phone calls and word of mouth that those players that did not make a team are upset and disappointed. 
At the Capital Region Volleyball Club we try extremely hard every year to give as many players as possible the opportunity to play, learn and enjoy the sport of volleyball.  Over the years we have added additional programs to our travel teams because we understand our limitations and want to provide that opportunity.

The limiting factor as to why not everyone is selected for a team is not playing ability!  Our coaches have very difficult choices to make because of the skill level of the players in the gym.   In the Concord area there are so many good volleyball players, combined with limitations on both gym space and quality coaches who are able to commit to high school/college seasons then club while balancing being present for their families, that we just aren’t able to place all players on travel teams.  We are so proud of the coaches we have and are very thankful for all they do for the players and the Club.  Last year we had the coaches, and scraped together the gym space, to field 10 teams for the 170 players who tried out.  This year, we only have the coaching staff and gym availability for 7 teams for the 160 players who tried out. Each year is different and brings its challenges and opportunities.

Basically, if you want to help give more players the opportunity to play, help us find reasonably priced gym space and some experienced, quality coaches. If you can help, let us know by calling or emailing us (

We created the In-House League for two main reasons:
1) To give players who do not make a travel team the opportunity to continue to learn, grow and play the sport.
2) To provide a place to play volleyball for those families that either cannot afford a travel team, or do not want to travel.

Thank for you listening and our biggest hope is everyone can continue to play somewhere, if not here at CRVBC.

KBP: Kyle Brown Performance
Kyle Brown Performance

CRVBC has connected with KBP (Kyle Brown Performance). CRVBC Members can get a one time discount of $50 off their initial fee.
Kyle, a world-class Olympic athlete and functional training specialist, has created a fantastic training program for athletes of all ages.
KBP will be hosting an Open-House at their facility on Manchester Street in Concord, NH soon after this JO Season tryouts have been completed.

Stay tuned for more information.

What is the Training Academy?

The CRVBC 'Training Academy' is a great opportunity to learn and improve your volleyball skills using the same techniques as our national teams.  The format consists of going through skill building drills followed by playing time.  You will be coached by members of the coaching staff on a rotating basis.  Practice runs for 2 hours each week except for Easter and Tournament days.  In addition you will learn how to referee and keep score during a game.

What is the In-House League?

The In-House League will practice on for 2 hours each week (except for Easter and Tournament days) and play matches against some of the other players in the In-House League. The purpose of this team is to get these players an opportunity to continue to learn and grow in their volleyball knowledge and volleyball skills. The cost for playing in the In-House League can be found on the 'Fees' page.
This is a fairly new program at CRVBC whose intent is to allow us to include as many opportunities as possible for as many players as possible. If we have enough players at that level, we will be able to set up fixed teams who will play together throughout the season.  If we do not have quite enough players, we will create teams every week based on who attends. Either way they will experience the competition aspect of volleyball. In addition you will learn how to referee and keep score during a game.

We have contacted some of the other area Clubs and will be trying to set up a match schedule in the near future.

How do I tryout for CRVBC?

To tryout for a Team, Shuttle Squad  or the Training Academy at CRVBC you need to do the following:

  1. Register online with USA Volleyball. (click on the 'USAV REGISTRATION' menu item on our home page) Pay the USA Volleyball fee. Print your Membership card. bring it to tryouts (or you may not be able to step on the court)
  2. Register online on our website (use the 'CRVBC REGISTRATION' menu item on our home page). Pay the CRVBC Tryout Fee.
  3. Mail/Send in, or bring with you to tryouts:
    1. Medical History/Release form (filled out and signed, please ensure you only sign the 'Allow' or 'Do not Allow' treatment...NOT both)
  4. Check out our calendar for tryout dates/times and locations
  5. Come to tryouts, play hard and have fun.

NOTE: The USAV Membership fee and the CRVBC Tryout fee are separate fees and go to separate places. Once tryouts are over there are additional fees you must pay according to the program in which you will be participating. Please refer to our 'Fees' page for additional information.

CRVBC is a competetive volleyball club. That being said, we do not require any prior experience and we do our best to help everyone learn and improve. Many aspects are considered when putting together a Team or a Shuttle Squad and we do have to make cuts. Not everyone makes a Team or a Shuttle Squad. We have limits to our gym space and the number of available coaches. We have a Training Academy and an In-House League specifically designed to help players to continue to learn and have fun with the sport of volleyball.

Has my Medical Form been received?

We will be going through the Medical History/Release forms we have received via snail mail over the next couple of days.
As we validate that we have received your Form we will mark it as being received. You can login to your CRVBC account and visit the CRVBC Registration page to see if we have received it; there is a listing of the 'Next Steps' near the top of the page, and within the steps is the Medical History form along with the date we marked it as received.
If you have not mailed it yet, then please just bring a filled out and signed copy to the Registration desk at tryouts. REMEMBER! Only sign one of the spaces dealing with whether or not you 'Authorize Treatment'. Do NOT sign both as it invalidates the form and you will have to fill out another one.